Everyday, Rila drives her red car the 100 mile distance across the flat plains of Flatlandia between the cities AbsolutelyNowhere and BeyondBoring. She drives the whole route
at a constant speed using cruise control. A stopwatch displays the number of hours past and a GPS displays the number of miles the car is from AbsolutelyNowhere.

Students build a simulator and answers questions like: Today Rila leaves AbsolutelyNowhere at 9AM. She resets the stopwatch to 0 and she sets her cruise control at 16 mph.
What 2 numbers are displayed at 9:45AM? Starting when she resets the stopwatch to 0, every 15 minutes, the car prints out these numbers on the display. What does the printout
look like at 9:45AM? What time is it when Rila arrives in BeyondBoring?
Click on the external image play.png play button (bottom left) to start the car going or click & drag the slider point tm
(courtesy PBWorks)

This is a Java Applet created using GeoGebra from www.geogebra.org - it looks like you don't have Java installed, please go to www.java.com