Go here for a non-embedded dynamic worksheet.
Move the red sliders to show 1/2. Move the blue sliders to show 2/5.
Now move the blue point to the left so that the two squares coincide.
1. How many purple rectangles are there?
2. How many are there total? (Shaded and unshaded)
3. How do the answers to questions 1 and 2 relate to the product
of these two fractions?
3. How many of the small congruent rectangles are red?
(Hint: the purple ones count too)
4. How many are blue? (Same hint as above)
5. How do the answers to questions 3-4 relate to the answer
when dividing the red fraction by the blue fraction?
7. Come up with a rule for multiplying fractions and a rule for
dividing fractions using this tool.
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